Below are examples of my work. Websites that are
user friendly, functional,professional.
as well as some of my graphic work.
My main goal is making YOU happy and your CLIENTS happy.

My Website

Built in Drupal.

Level 8 Technology

A Drupal Website

The Monroe Institute

A Drupal Website

TMI Program Calendars

Custom eCommerce with Calendars

The Monroe Institute

Drupal Ubercart Store

R.R. Smith Center Website

One page website with parallax

Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal Drawing

Logo for T&R

Logo for T&R

T&R Business Card

T&R Business Card

Logo for iVans

Logo for iVans

Custom Infographic Level 8

Custom Infographic Level 8

Custom Image

Custom Image for WALT website

Custom Header Background

Custom Header Background

WALT Learning Center

Custom Colored Map & Marker

H&R Contractors Site

Drupal site for H&R Contractors

H&R Site Job Listings

Custom job listings Drupal view.

Queen City Creative

One Page Wordpress Portfolio.

Harrisonburg Family Practice Logo

The logo I created for HFP

Blair & Leigh Enterprises LLC

Drupal site for BLE

Harrisonburg Family Practice

Wordpress site

Takeout 250 Landing Page

Takeout 250 Website

Takeout 250 restaurant

Takeout 250 Restaurant Site

A Little Bit of Help Catering

ALBOHC Drupal Site

ALBOH Catering Avails

Availability Page

ALBOH Catering Menu

A custom scheduled menu

WALT Learning Center

Drupal Commerce Store

Is your website a little out of date?
Let's talk. I can fix that for you.
Responsive mobile first websites your visitors will love to come back to.

About Me

I really enjoy my work and I believe it makes a difference.
I bring a personal and effective approach
to every website I work on,which is why
my clients like me
and why they keep coming back.

My Numbers


Client Satisfaction


Years Experience


Cups of coffee a day


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Managed Websites


Years of Art & Graphics




Late night hours worked

A true website developer
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.

My Services

I have a unique
blend of talent that allows
me to offer such a diverse
range of services.

I provide professional services based on years of experience designing and managing Drupal and Wordpress sites built to my clients specifications and needs. Custom Website Solutions in Drupal is my passion, every website I creat is uniquely built and crafted specifically for my client so not only will the website be designed to promote their brand and services or products I make updating content for them a breeze. For clients who want to concentrate on their business I also provide website management services to make your ever changing website up to date and worry free.

I also provide top rated affordable hosting with 24 x 7 x 365 customer support and a 99.999% uptime guarantee. I understand the importance of keeping your business online at all times. I will set your hosting up to your specific needs, please contact me for hosting inquires. You can purchase your own Domain Name by clicking here. For complete website design, hosting and domain packaging and pricing please fill out the contact form and I will get in touch with you to set up a free consultation.

Frustrated? Relax. Put your site in my hands.
I also provide site administration and management.
Hire me for all your Drupal & Wordpress updates as well as daily site updating and content management.

Several Reasons

To create or re-create
your presence on the web with a new cms website.
Built by me in Drupal or Wordpress.
Experience, quality work, and peace of mind are just a few of them.


Do you do custom Drupal module coding?

I can provide custom Drupal module coding. Please email coding@debracurry.com directly for all custom module coding questions and include detailed information.

I do not at this time provide any Wordpress plugin custom coding.

Do you do subcontracting work?

Yes I do. A lot of the sites I've done are listed under other companies names that I've worked for and subcontracted for. Any work I do as a subcontractor will be listed under the company that I did the work for as "Site by (company name here)" instead of my own name. If you are a company that needs remote or subcontracting work done please call me directly at 540-271-7734 or email me at debi@debracurry.com.

Do you have a blog?

Yes I do have a blog. My blog will be posts of advice I feel is relevant and entirely based my own opinions from experience in the web design industry and links to articles I think you may enjoy or could be important to you. You can find my blog HERE.

I will also be posting information on customized work I've done on various websites. Your feedback would be appreciated.

What do I do if I want you to build my website?

First we have a initial consultation via phone or in person to go over your specific website needs. You can also contact me by filling out my contact form and I will get back in touch with you asap.

How much does a website built by you cost?

My prices vary per website and depend on what kind of website and what you want it to be able to do. I build everything from simple brochure type websites and blogs to full ecommerce websites as well as membership sites. The cost would also depend on your hosting and domain name needs. Once we have a initial consultation to go over what services you require I can give you a quote on what I will charge you for your new website.

What kind of CMS do you use?

Currently I built websites in Drupal 7 and Wordpress. I will also be adding Drupal 8 sites as Drupal 8 developes. For brochure and smaller sites I can build those in either Wordpress or Drupal. For more content intensive sites requiring more functionality I build in Drupal.

What is a managed website? How much does it cost?

After your site is built you will still have the need to keep it up to date on all the new updates and security issues as web technology advances. A managed website is where I will take care of all your core and module/plugins updates to keep your site secure, create backups of your website, and basically keep your website up and running smoothly. Keeping your website in good working order in web browsers and mobile devices is very important.

I can manage your new content additions and changes to your site as well so you're able to relax and concentrate on everything else by leaving the caretaking of your website in my capable hands. 

The cost of me managing your web site will depend on what services you will need, so keeping your site running smoothly with updates will be priced differently if I'm also handling all your content changes and additions. I'll be happy to go over pricing with you.

Can you help me with a website that's already built?

Yes I can. I can help you make changes or add additions to your current website. I will work on HTML, Wordpress and Drupal sites and will take a look at other CMS sites and let you know if I feel I'm the person for the job to make changes to it.

Can I contact you for the life of my website that you create even if you don't manage it?

Always feel free to get in touch with me. I hear a lot of horror stories from people who have purchased a site and then when they tried to contact the person who created it they're nowhere to be found. 

There are a lot of people out there who are creating websites cheaply because they're using the work to learn like a college student who may lose interest or move away after school, or companies who make mass cookie cutter websites that they build and walk away from. They've made their money and they're not really worried about what happens to the website after that.

The big difference is I take pride in the sites that I create. Each one is unique with a character all it's own. I want to make your website the best I'm capable of and then I want to show it off to the world. I want your website to last, and I want to build any future sites you may need. I will be available to you when you need me for the life of any websites I create for you for any help you may need, questions you may have, or other work you may need me for.

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There's really no medium with SEO:
It is either good or bad.
Pull your site out of the shadows and into the top listings by using good marketing techniques & SEO practices.


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